clawfoot.jpgNothing lends an air of elegance and vintage comfort to a renovated bathroom like a clawfoot tub. Dramatically different in appearance from the standard built-in models, these beauties may not look larger than the premium jetted garden tubs that have become a basic element in new construction, but once you sit inside one you'll definitely know and feel the difference!

Clawfoot tubs, styled from Elizabethan and Victorian times, are deeper to allow more water coverage, and their graceful slipper or bowl shapes give each end a higher back, so one can relax without unconsciously slumping. If you have considered or are currently planning to remodel your bathroom, this is a definite addition sure to please everybody in the house.

Once you have decided upon the actual tub you want in your home, you might wonder how necessary it is to call on the services of a Norfolk plumber to handle installation. The simple answer: very! While plumbing for the vintage model is on the outset no different from that of a contemporary tub, precise placement of exposed pipes must be accomplished with car to ensure you are getting the most out of (and into) your claw foot. Because this type of bathroom fixture is not sealed against the wall in its own cove, but will likely be positioned more into the space, some plumbing will be exposed. Of course, you will want the pipes to match the antique beauty of the tub, and a plumber can recommend the right parts to purchase.

Another thing to think about, too, is the change of water spills. As you are getting acquainted with your claw foot, it may take a few tries to get the water levels right so you don't displace too much when you sit down. Spills are likely, so you want to be sure your floor can handle it, and not absorb too much that you risk water damage and rot underneath the house. When you call on a plumbing contractor to remodel your bathroom, the floor should be a topic to cover - no pun intended.

When installed correctly, your claw foot tub will bring you many years of bathing luxury and serenity. It's important to get it done right the first time, so if you do not feel confident in the do it yourself department, your local plumber is the best bet.

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