To learn more about the work we do, we invite you to browse information on the products we use to keep your pipes working and your drainage and sewage systems running at optimal levels. We offer a wide variety of plumbing products to the residents of Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, and the surrounding areas of the Hampton Roads.

Plumbing Products:

  • RootX: RootX is the original, non-Metham Sodium foaming root control in an easy-to-apply powdered formulation. It foams on contact with water to kill roots, inhibit regrowth, and restore pipe flow capacity. (more)
  • Bio-Clean: Chemical drain cleaners, do they work? Not very well. Will they unstop my drain? If you believe what you see on TV they will, but in my opinion they do more damage than good. (more)
  • Delta: Delta’s new lifetime warranty is one of the industry’s best. Atomic Plumbing is a Delta Pro Pack plumber carrying a large supply of repair parts and faucets. (more)
  • KOHLER: KOHLER faucets are built to stand up to the rigors of everyday use. Solid brass — the highest-quality material for faucets — is a durable base for finishes that withstand the harshest environments. (more)
  • Insinkerator : Atomic Plumbing uses the most widely-used disposer in the country — Insinkerator. One of our knowledgeable technicians will install your new garbage disposal as well as answer any questions you may have about its use. (more)
  • Rinnai : One of the top names in tankless water heaters. Rinnai offers a great warranty. (more)
  • Noritz : Innovative tankless water heater brand comes highly recommended. Energy efficient and lasts for years. (more)
  • Navien : One of the leading brands of tankless water heaters in the industry, with one of the best warranties.
  • Other Water Heater Brands : We proudly sell Bradford White and Ruud’s Professional line of water heaters, each with performance features for your benefit.

Water Conservation: A lot of water goes needlessly down the drain. This might have been OK when water was plentiful — but not anymore! Think about the amount of water you’re using, and look for ways to use less whenever you can and save water!

Employment: Atomic Plumbing wants you…to work for us. Find out how to join our team.

Emergencies: What do you do when there’s a leak or a clog and you can’t get in touch with the plumber right away? Learn how to aid plumbing emergencies until the professionals arrive.

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