For over 40 years, Atomic Plumbing has served the entire Hampton Roads with skilled plumbing and pipe repair, water heater installation and root removal services. Our plumbers are certified and the most skilled in the Tidewater area, and we will work to ensure you receive the best plumbing and drainage work at a fair price.

Read below to hear what people just like you have to say about Atomic Plumbing.

Thanks for a great job installing a tank-less hot water heater. Paul was well schooled selling and explaining what was needed and how long it would take. My interaction with Tiffany was punctual and professional. Sean and Tim did an excellent job running gas and water lines and installing the system. As a small business owner, I was impressed with employees who went out of their way to preserve the fine reputation of their employer.
Gee Faison
Gee Faison
15:25 05 Feb 19
Ryan D. explained to me what alternatives I had in order to repair a piping issue with my kitchen sink. He informed me of the pros and cons of each solution and when asked, told me his preference. I liked his conservative approach and the job was completed to my total satisfaction. I would guess that there are less expensive plumbers available, but you are going to get experienced and professional work with Atomic Plumbing.
Larry Field
Larry Field
15:14 01 Feb 19
Ryan D. and Scott P. with Atomic Plumbing are great techs! They were not only courteous, polite, helpful, but very knowledgeable of all aspects of winterizing the pipes under our crawl space. Our crawl space is very small and that didn't deter the guys from doing a fantastic job! We use Atomic Plumbing & Drain Cleaning for all of our plumbing needs and we highly recommend them! 🙂
Judy Dale Adams
Judy Dale Adams
16:20 30 Jan 19
Fast emergency service. Justin R came out the first night, we determined that I needed a new water heater, Justin D came out to install it the next day. Both techs were awesome and extremely professional. Would recommend these guys to anyone needing work done.
Jarrod Criss
Jarrod Criss
00:26 22 Jan 19
Atomic Plumbing responded to my service request immediately and sent a technician out super fast. Service Pro Justin R. arrived to my residence and did an excellent job. He was professional and efficient. He was able to diagnose and fix my plumbing problems and get my kitchen and laundry functioning properly again and in good time. I feel like I received great work at great price. I would recommend Atomic Plumbing for any of your residential plumbing needs.
John Hines
John Hines
01:18 05 Jan 19

I just want to tell you how pleased I am with the recent work your company did for us. You bought and delivered the new fixture for our kitchen as soon as we requested it and the work done to connect our sink was done in a professional, neat, efficient manner. I wish I could tell you the name of the technician, but I have forgotten and his signature on the work order is beyond me. Ha Ha.

The work was done on January 20th if that will help you to identify him.

He also was able to correct a malfunction in one of our bathrooms while he was here. I think it is important to note that he was alone and did not have a helper because the weather that day was somewhat inclement and some people were unable to come to work. This in itself says a lot about this person. You are very fortunate to have such dedicated men working for you and it must be a pleasure for you. Please give our “thanks” again to him.

Lloyd and Jean Evans

Dear Jim, Just wanted to provide you with a compliment for Scott, who came to our house to resolve an emergency plumbing problem Sunday evening. He worked diligently, pleasantly and would not complete his project until he was completely satisfied. This despite the fact that it got dark and was getting colder.

Even after that, he was able to look at another problem in our house and there will be some additional work, which we will be delighted to have you do.

Thanks again for having a company that provides such reliable, readily available and competent service.

Steven J. Harwood

Dear Jim, The Virginia Beach City Public Schools’ Office of Technical and Career Education would like to thank Atomic Plumbing for the generous contribution for the Annual Technical and Career Education End-of-the-Year meeting and social. It was nice to honor our award winners at such a nice reception, only made possible by you.

Our office would not be able to conduct special projects if it were not for the support of local businesses like yours. The Virginia Beach Public schools are very fortunate to have such a generous community. Again, thank you for all of your support of Technical and Career Education and best wishes for a prosperous summer season.

Denise Lawson

Dear Mr. Steinle, Mr. Rob Shortt of Stockley’s service recommended you and your company for a chronic problem of recurrent sewer backups, the most recent of which occurred Sunday morning. We called your company at 11am on Monday morning. Your receptionist was courteous and prompt – we had a service technician on site at 3:30 pm. By 3:30 the next day, our three main sewer problems were being back filled. I’m sure it is a permanent fix this time.

Your technician, Paul Keane, deserves special mention. What a bright, enthusiastic, positive young man he is! His attitude from the start was always: “Can do” and “will fix it right” — and he did. He and his co-workers worked very hard digging in packed clay to explore and repair our main line. Paul was very neat, considerate of our nearby trees, and cleaned up afterwards.

Mr. Steinle, I like the way you run your business, equip your clean trucks, and train your staff and technicians. But I hope you can realize what a prize you have with Paul Keane! Take good care of him, and he will bring you more regular customers – like my wife and me. Thanks to him, we will be future regular Atomic customers.

Sincerely, Jack Scatarige

Jack Scatarige

Dear Mr. Steinle: On two occasions one of your plumbers — Paul Keane — has been to my home to make plumbing repairs. I would like to commend him for two jobs well done.

Your company must indeed be proud to have such a polite, efficient and professional young man working for you. Paul came in, went directly to the problem both times and not only resolved the problem, but was so tidy.

I am a Norfolk native, with two uncles who were plumbers. I cannot tell you how many times I have had other plumbing companies come to our home over the last 27 years to correct these same problems. It would clear up for a while and would be right back. You can understand why my husband and I are so pleased to finally have found a company like yours.

Please convey to Paul how very pleased my husband and I are with both his work and your company.

Sincerely, Barbara Kingry

Barbara Kingry - Virginia Beach, VA
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