For over 40 years, Atomic Plumbing has served the entire Hampton Roads with skilled plumbing and pipe repair, water heater installation and root removal services. Our plumbers are certified and the most skilled in the Tidewater area, and we will work to ensure you receive the best plumbing and drainage work at a fair price.

Read below to hear what people just like you have to say about Atomic Plumbing.

Thanks for a great job installing a tank-less hot water heater. Paul was well schooled selling and explaining what was needed and how long it would take. My interaction with Tiffany was punctual and professional. Sean and Tim did an excellent job running gas and water lines and installing the system. As a small business owner, I was impressed with employees who went out of their way to preserve the fine reputation of their employer.
Gee Faison
Gee Faison
15:25 05 Feb 19
Ryan D. explained to me what alternatives I had in order to repair a piping issue with my kitchen sink. He informed me of the pros and cons of each solution and when asked, told me his preference. I liked his conservative approach and the job was completed to my total satisfaction. I would guess that there are less expensive plumbers available, but you are going to get experienced and professional work with Atomic Plumbing.
Larry Field
Larry Field
15:14 01 Feb 19
Ryan D. and Scott P. with Atomic Plumbing are great techs! They were not only courteous, polite, helpful, but very knowledgeable of all aspects of winterizing the pipes under our crawl space. Our crawl space is very small and that didn't deter the guys from doing a fantastic job! We use Atomic Plumbing & Drain Cleaning for all of our plumbing needs and we highly recommend them! 🙂
Judy Dale Adams
Judy Dale Adams
16:20 30 Jan 19
Fast emergency service. Justin R came out the first night, we determined that I needed a new water heater, Justin D came out to install it the next day. Both techs were awesome and extremely professional. Would recommend these guys to anyone needing work done.
Jarrod Criss
Jarrod Criss
00:26 22 Jan 19
Atomic Plumbing responded to my service request immediately and sent a technician out super fast. Service Pro Justin R. arrived to my residence and did an excellent job. He was professional and efficient. He was able to diagnose and fix my plumbing problems and get my kitchen and laundry functioning properly again and in good time. I feel like I received great work at great price. I would recommend Atomic Plumbing for any of your residential plumbing needs.
John Hines
John Hines
01:18 05 Jan 19

Mr. Steinle of Atomic Plumbing made time late in the day to evaluate and provide an estimate. We had to shut water off to the house 2 days earlier. The Atomic Plumbing quote was significantly lower than I had received from a home improvement store’s subcontractor, and for a better capacity product. I called back very late in the day to accept Atomic Plumbing’s bid. Their plumber, Eric, and his assistant were here first thing the next morning. They were very hard working the entire day! I’m very impressed with Atomic Plumbing’s service, workmanship, and professionalism! I HIGHLY recommend Atomic Plumbing!

Chris Brogan

I’m extremely pleased with the professionalism of Atomic Plumbing from the initial phone call to completion of my water heater installation. My technician, Eric Toupin, was prompt, very knowledgeable about the product and its installation, and maintained the cleanliness of my home. Eric answered all my questions about the water heater and explained the operation of various components to include the Floodstop mechanism. He clearly enjoys his work. This was reflected in his excellent customer service. Eric and Atomic Plumbing are a real find I will not hesitate to refer to friends with plumbing needs.

Denise Kline

I would like to say you have the best technicians for unstopping clogged drains. I have been in my home for 24 yrs. For those 24 yrs. I’ve had problems with my laundry room clogging and have to call a plumber every 3-4 months. Last year one of your tech came to my home on 10/2/10 to unclog my laundry room drain which causes my kitchen sink to clog. The drain was really bad. Since that date my laundry room have not clogged. This is the 1st time in 24 years; you hear what I’m saying. I have not called a plumber since your tech unclogged my drain. I am amazed… 1st time in 24yrs. Not once…have anyone come to my house to unclogged the same “drain”. I wish I would read his handwriting to tell you who it was but I can’t. You have the BEST, THE BEST SERVICE FOR UNCLOGGING SINKS, DRAINS. I will recommend you to anyone I know.

Janie Gray

Dear Mr Steinle:
I was quite shocked to open my mail and find a check from your company for the invoice price for the replacement of my wags valve, which I am sure included labor costs. When I called and talked to your manager about it she said that you wanted to give it to me in a show of good will and felt the need as it was the water heater and wags valve that your company had replaced. I was still confused and told her that I did not understand as I was pretty sure you were not in your backyard making wags valves in your spare time. I also expressed to her that I did not believe that you were personally responsible because a part that you believed to be good at the time of it’s installation was bad did not negotiate the services and part that you provided for me. I understand how strongly you stand behind your service, and how much you wish for your customers to be satisfied, but you do not need to convince either my husband or myself. We are sold on your honorable, dependable service. When anyone asks me to recommend a plumber, I tell them the exact thing the was told to me by my insurance agent: “they are a little more expensive, BUT YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR,” and i still believe that wholeheartedly. I have never once been dissatisfied with any of your services. My husband and I talked about the wags valve and figured that is why you no longer carry them or that they do not make them anymore, but for the last six years it gave us peace of mind and when it did break, it did not flood, only stopped hot water. We both agreed that the new flood stop was a bargain for the peace of mind it would bring us.

I guess what I am trying to say in my long meandering way is that we have loved your companies service from day one. I have even called and asked who you would use for other types of contractors should you need them and been very happy with your suggestions. That is how much I value both your services and your good opinion. I would find it a crime that you would need to pay me to be satisfied with a service that I already highly recommend and cherish for the security that I know when I call your service people will fix it for me. Therefore, please find enclosed your check dated July 12, 2011 in the amount of $218.72. I hope you realize that you should not be held accountable for accidents, that is Murphy’s business, having the faith in a product that did last for six years after all, or that you need to pay this loyal customer for her satisfaction. It did however, go to show me that my respect and high regard for you was more than well deserved, but do not punish yourself for the accidents of life.

With my deepest respect for you and your business dealings,

Kelly Haggerty

Kelly Haggerty, Virginia Beach, VA

Hi. I just wanted to give some feedback about your master plumbers very good and professional help. He installed a new water heater in my home on Monday 2/14/11, and I wanted to thank you for having such an efficient employee on your staff.

Robert Halpern - Virginia Beach, VA
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