We know Virginia can enjoy nice weather throughout the year, but there are times we get a nasty winter complete with snow and wind and frost. While it's nice for a snowball fight, the cold can pose trouble for your pipes. Atomic Plumbing is here all year long to assist you with your plumbing needs, but there are a few tips we're happy to impart to ensure your plumbing gives you the hot water you need when everything else is freezing!

Watch Your Outdoor Faucets! You might not garden in the wintertime, so be sure all garden hoses are detached from their spigots and coiled up in your garage or storage. Close the valves on the pipes that lead to the outside spigots, and make sure any residual water is drained.

Check Indoor Plumbing, Too! It's not unusual for indoor pipes to freeze up if the heat circulation in your house isn't up to par. If you worry about cold pipes, it's best to make sure the heat ventilation is good in the kitchen, bathrooms, and laundry room. You may want to open cabinet doors for periods at a time to let in warm air if needed.

Insulation, Insulation, Insulation! You need a coat when you go out into the cold, so why not put a coat on your pipes? For pipes you think are susceptible to freezing, wrap in rubber foam fitted for pipes to keep them functioning.

Frozen? Bring on the Heat! If you do experience frozen pipes, make sure all water is turned off at the main valve. The ice inside the pipe will eventually melt, and you don't want leaks. Turn on attached faucets to relieve the water pressure and to allow the ice to melt without problems, and if necessary use a blow dryer to thaw the pipes. DO NOT use an open flame to thaw.

Call the Plumber! If problems appear too much for you to handle, call Atomic Plumbing to help with your winter plumbing in Virginia Beach. We are on call when you need us!

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