wheater_gproNo doubt you’re familiar with all the “house noises” in your living environment. After you flush your toilet, for example, you may expect to hear the hissing, running sound that prompts some to “jiggle the handle” so it stops. You know, if the hissing doesn’t stop for a long time, there may be something wrong. Same goes with other plumbing fixtures - you hear something unusual and it triggers your “spidey sense.”

Take your water heater. Have you heard it talking back to you lately, in the form of a knock or a popping sound? No, it’s not a normal thing, and definitely something to watch (and listen) for so you don’t pay for it in the long run.

What’s with the popping? This is something that can happen when residue - lime, sediment, or other matter - gets into the water. A little bit running through your pipes won’t cause you trouble. In time, though, when this matter settles into your tank and builds up, it can cause your heater to become less efficient.

Ignore it, and you risk having an inefficient tank that will not work properly.

While some “house settling” noises may give you comfort, the pop from your water heater should be treated more as an alarm. It’s important to have a reputable Virginia Beach plumber on call to inspect your plumbing appliances and make sure everything runs smoothly. Don’t wait for the noise to get too loud. And also consider that the average life expectancy of most water heaters is 8 to 10 years for gas and 10 to 12 years for electric water heaters.

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