The Importance of Backflow Meter Testing

We are surrounded by water all day, every day. Living in Hampton Roads means we may be more aware of the presence of water in our lives, but how often do you consider the quality of water in your home or business? Regular backflow meter testing is not only required annually for commercial properties, it is a useful practice for residential properties as well.

What is Backflow?

Backflow occurs when water in your pipelines or plumbing system reverses direction, potentially contaminating drinking water of a home, business or entire community. This dangerous phenomenon can pose a serious health risk for all in the area, and is easily preventable by scheduling a backflow meter reading with Atomic Plumbing today.

How Can Backflow Affect Me?

As a business owner in Norfolk, Virginia Beach or Chesapeake you may use water for cooking, cleaning or simply drinking. The purity of that water affects the quality of your product, and the reputation of your business. If your water is contaminated, then your food, beverages, surfaces and very hands of your employees are tainted.

Imagine the impact such a scandal could have upon your business.

As a resident of Norfolk,Virginia Beach or Chesapeake you deserve fresh, clean water with which to bathe, cook, make coffee or tea, wash your clothes or car and water your lawn. Don't forget drinking - most people need a half gallon of water per day to stay hydrated.

Imagine the impact that much contaminated water could have upon your family's health.

Atomic Plumbing in Norfolk, Virginia Beach & Chesapeake knows that having clear, pure water flowing through your home or business improves the quality of everything it touches, from your hygiene to your skin and the flavor of your food, coffee or clothing. Contact us today to have your backflow meter read and certified. 

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