Due to the recent changes in water heater regulations, Atomic Plumbing wants the residents of Virginia Beach and Norfolk to know that there are still lots of options available! If you're concerned about your water heater, or considering upgrading, contact the skilled technicians at Atomic Plumbing today!

There a a number of simple steps you can take to keep your water heater running strong throughout it's 15 year life expectancy. Follow our simple water heater maintenance guide below to keep your water heater running smoothly:

1. Adjust the temp174571762 (1)erature. For every ten degrees you lower the thermostat, you're saving up to 5% in energy costs.

2. Add insulation. Older models in particular may benefit from this. Insulating your water heater will increase the efficiency and may even lengthen the life of the appliance.

3. Use the Vacation setting when going out of town to save energy and money.

4. Drain the tank once a year to flush out any sediments or debris.

- Turn off cold water supply

- Hook up a hose from the drain valve to a bucket

- Examine the water - if it appears cloudy, repeat the process.

5. Test TP Relief Valve (Temperature Pressure) 2 - 3 times annually.

- Discharge the valve

- Watch for small leaks

6. Examine the Anode Rod inside every 2 - 3 years, by unscrewing the hex screw and removing the rod. The Anode rod prevents the water heater from rusting inside.

Replace it if:

- 6 inches of core steel wire is visible

- Rod is less than 1/2 inch thick

- Rod is coated with Calcium

Atomic Plumbing cares about your appliances, and how they work. To keep your water heater running smoothly, follow these maintenance tips, and contact Atomic Plumbing if you've got questions about new water heater regulations, water heater installation and water heater repairs.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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