Like you, we've kept our eyes on the skies here in Virginia Beach. One day we're putting on an extra sweater and reaching for the heat dial, the next we're wearing shorts. We're known for our unpredictable weather, and with talk of hurricanes and super storms this early in the year it's important to make sure your home is prepared.

Got your emergency kit put together? Have a plan for getting the kids and pets out of harm's way? Now, what about your plumbing? If you plan to ride out a hurricane at home, assuming you live in an area unaffected by mandatory evacuation, there are steps you can take to make it easier on your family when you rely on clean water to see you through the storm.

First, you should inspect your property for any tree roots that might cause problems with your plumbing. If ignored, there's a chance roots can obstruct your pipes and limit the quality of your water flow. This could happen independent of a storm, but if a hurricane strikes there's a risk of further damage. A plumbing professional is capable of detecting problem roots you should have removed before hurricane season begins in earnest.

When you know a hurricane is imminent, we recommend you have plenty of bottled water on hand. When we say plenty, we're talking several gallons - about one person times how many days you believe you'll be at home during the winds and rains. This is just for drinking, too. Add to this more water to keep in the event you lose power and need to bathe and flush toilets. Using bottled water takes stress off your plumbing during the storm and may be your only option for a time.

It's not uncommon for homeowners in Virginia Beach and Norfolk to lose power for several days following a bad storm. It's never a bad idea to have a generator installed in the event you lose electrical capability and heat. A generator can see you through the first days of "roughing it" while you wait for power to be restored. According to the Weather Channel, El Nino may pay a visit during 2017's hurricane season, so if you aren't prepared now this is time to change that.

Once the skies clear and sun returns, be sure to have Atomic Plumbing's number handy so we can assist with any post-storm plumbing repair.

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