Even if you clean your shower on a regular basis, you still might be neglecting to clean the drain. Shower should drain completely and quickly, without any delay. If you notice that the water takes longer and longer to drain, you may be have a clogged drain. The clogged drain not only block the water, but also cause unpleasant odors. Some clogs are very hard to clean, and you need a professional plumber to take care of it.

Do not wait until your drain stops the water completely, and you can't use the shower anymore. Call a professional plumber to clean your shower drain today!

Can I use drain cleaner?

Not all drain cleaners are the same, and using a wrong product to clean you shower drain may waste your money and not do anything, or even damage your plumbing system.

When is the best time to clean a shower drain?

The best time to clean a shower drain is as soon as you notice that the water drains slower. Do not postpone the cleaning, and call a professional plumber to help you. The smaller the clog, the easier it is to clean it.

Atomic Plumbing and Drain Cleaning company specializes in cleaning of all kinds of drain clogs. Whenever you have a drain, pipe, or any other plumbing problem, call Atomic Plumbing for a fast and easy fix!

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