Do you have trees on your property? If so, you may not think much about their relationship to your plumbing, so long as the water flows when needed. Trees are nice to have near the home if they are healthy and cared for, but you may not realize the potential for damage to your house. We don’t necessarily mean the possibility of one falling during a storm, either.

You only see a tree from above the ground. You may not realize how far and how deep a tree’s root system stretches under the dirt. Tree roots are strong and sturdy - they have to be to support all that weight! Did you know, too, they can damage your pipes? Think of a root as a dowsing tool. Roots need water to grow, and what flows through your pipes is quite a temptation. A tree root can pierce your sewer pipes and grow to clog them.

You’ll start to notice problems first with your water flow. If it doesn’t come steadily, your instinct may be to check for a minor clog. Once you’ve eliminated that possibility, it’s time to consider a larger culprit. Gurgling noises in your pipes and appliances - toilet, shower, and sink drains - could be another clue.

Left alone, root damage can lead to serious plumbing bills. It’s best to have the problem checked when you first suspect your water flow issue is not due to a hair clog. While you might think you need to contact a landscaper, root removal is a service best performed by a plumber because of the connection to your sewer pipes. A plumber will assess the problem and use a special formula to dissolve the invading roots and prevent regrowth, then make the necessary repairs to your pipes. Your water will return to a healthy, steady flow in no time.

Atomic Plumbing specializes in tree root removal and residential plumbing repair in Virginia Beach. If you suspect tree roots are causing trouble for your pipes, contact us today.

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