Look around your home. Is everything in working order? If the hot water comes out of the right faucet and the washing machine fills to the proper level every time you run a load, you probably wouldn’t think about replacing your plumbing regardless of its age. Why spend the money on a renovation project if it isn’t really necessary?

When developers build new homes, buyers have the option of making them “smart.” New appliances on the market have voice-activated features, and you can monitor things like HVAC and plumbing through a phone app. It’s tempting to want to bring your house into the modern age, but if everything works fine now the idea of upgrades may seem more like a luxury. Yet, it’s not a bad idea to look into the possibilities.

For homeowners, property values are a concern. Whether you intend to sell in the next five years or wait longer, you know the importance of offering potential buyers a place that requires little to no work. A whisper-quiet dishwasher and a washer with a large tub - both operable by phone - may attract many bids on your home. If you plan to wait to sell, it's nice for the family to enjoy those features.

Lifestyle changes may also determine if you should upgrade to smart plumbing. Say you get a job that requires more travel or longer hours. App-controlled fixtures allow you to check up on your house when you’re away so you can head off leaks and other problems before they get serious.

Whatever your reason for wanting smart features for your bathroom and kitchen, it’s important to hire a professional to handle the installation. Atomic Plumbing mechanics stay up to date on the latest equipment and appliances, and we’re ready to help you modernize your home and keep your water clean and fresh with every use. Contact us today for an estimate on your plumbing needs in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, and Chesapeake.

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