Spring in Virginia Beach and Hampton Roads signals not only unpredictable changes in weather but potential issues with your home water. If you've lived in the area long enough, you've become used to the lines of passing storms and the explosion of pollen and other allergens. By now, too, you may be thinking of the right time to open your pool if you own one. It's also the right time to consider backflow and ensure that the water you use at home is free of pollutants.

How Clean Is Your Water At Home-Backflow refers to contaminated water and/or sewage that flows backward into a water supply. It can occur any number of ways, depending on your system. Residents in remote areas who rely on well water run the risk of drawing in untreated water into their taps. Also, if you use a garden hose to spray insecticide through an attachment, or use it to top off the level of your pool water, you could experience backflow problems if there's a dip in water pressure.

Inside your home, too, there's the risk of contamination if your toilet doesn't work properly. Say the anti-siphon device on the flush valve isn't functioning; this could result in dirty water getting into your plumbing system...and the water you use for cooking and cleaning.

The good news here is that these issues are preventable, and you can rely on safe, clean tap water in your home. It starts with a backflow meter inspection from a professional Virginia Beach plumber, who will determine the safety levels of your water and, if necessary, what needs to be done to resolve any problems. When you first notice something wrong with your water - color, funny taste, distinctive odor - don't hesitate. You may not think much of water that has an odd flavor, and assume it will go okay on its own, but if backflow is a culprit and the problem is left untreated it could lead to health issues for you and your family.

While it's impossible to prevent all outdoor elements from getting into the water supply, good plumbing keeps it from filtering into our homes. On the occasions there's a decrease in water pressure, that's the time to be alert. Atomic Plumbing is here to assist with emergency plumbing and backflow meter testing.

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