At Atomic Plumbing, we are excited to begin a new year helping businesses and homeowners in Norfolk, Chesapeake and Virginia Beach with plumbing needs. If home improvements are part of your 2019 resolutions you can contact us to install new bathroom fixtures or to upgrade your water heater. Thankfully, this winter wasn’t as bad as last year, but if you spent the majority of your time indoors we hope you took measures to prevent plumbing emergencies.

This especially goes for families with pets. Those of you with dogs and cats will do anything to keep your fur babies safe and protected, and that’s great. After all, they rely on clean water to stay hydrated and well-groomed. It’s important, therefore, to ensure they remain safe while your plumbing operates at optimal levels. Simple steps to “pet-proof” your home can help.

Keep the seat down. Is it safe for pets to drink from the toilet? It may not be the most attractive sight to discover, and some may argue that it’s harmless for your dog to dip his head in the bowl. Consider, though, that the toilet is home to bacteria that could cause gastrointestinal problems for your pets. Not only that, if your pet drinks from there right after you’ve cleaned it, they may be exposed to those chemicals.

To help break this habit, make sure you’re topping off all the water bowls when they look low, and close the toilet lids after use.

Avoid pet bathing in the house. We’re not suggesting your pets skip bathing altogether. You live with them, and we know you want them to smell fresh and maintain clean, shiny coats. Bathing in your tub or shower, while a more comfortable option than wrestling with a soapy pet in the backyard, could cause plumbing problems down the road. Despite your best efforts to collect shed fur, you still run the risk of clogs and possible pipe damage.

Pet grooming at this scale is best left to a safe place outside your bathroom, like a mud room or garage. Also, select pet stores offer self-service bathing stations, so you may want to contact one near you for a fee schedule.

Pet-proof cabinets and supplies. If you have small children you keep dangerous cleaners out of reach and certain cabinets secured. You should do the same for your pets. Dogs are curious by nature and if yours likes to nose around under sinks it’s a good idea to use a rubber band or childproof cabinet lock where you keep your cleaners.

If you have any questions about plumbing repair for Virginia Beach, Norfolk or Chespeake, Atomic Plumbing is here to help. Contact us today for an estimate on new plumbing installations for your home or business.

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