Why is it important to make sure your pipes don't freeze in cold weather? As temperature drops, water expands, and the added pressure can cause pipes not only to freeze, but burst. Even if the pipe doesn't crack or break, a frozen pipe can be difficult to repair because the water can expand its shape. This, in turn, can lead to more plumbing problems down the road.

How easy is it to ensure your pipes are kept well during cold nights? It's as simple as wrapping the pipes in your basement, or wherever cold is likely to reign, with towels or special heat tape. The ideal situation for any home owner would be to make sure your pipes are not exposed to the cold at all - but if you are concerned about heating bills just stock up on some extra towels.

You may also wish to invest in some water softener to use during these months. Mineral buildup can damage pipes as well, and the softeners help to prevent that.

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