It is extremely important, if you plan major renovations of your home (and that includes plumbings) to hire a company that is lead-safe certified by the EPA. Put into law on April, 2010, it is required that contractors performing any renovation, repair, and home improvement projects that disturb lead-based paint in homes and other facilities must follow specific practices to ensure the property does not become contaminated.

How do you know if your home has lead-based paint? If your home or office building was constructed before 1978, there is a good chance that lead paint was used. These days you won't find such products on the market, so if you have lived in your house a long time, or recently purchased an older home that requires plumbing renovation that disturbs walls and paint, go with a certified Virginia Beach plumber. To be certified, a home improvement contractor or handyman must undergo training from an EPA-approved provider. Any reputable contractor will have the paperwork when asked.

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