14965633_23842520782750223_6060068485218697216_nLosing your dishwasher can be a nightmare. It’s key to notice whether or not your dishwasher is going to make it through a few more loads. Avoid living a nightmare by looking for early warning signs, so you know when it’s the opportune time to replace your dishwasher.

Do You See Rust?

If you notice rust inside your dishwasher, then you might want to go ahead and replace it. Rust is a sign that there is a water leak or another serious problem. Don’t assume it’s your dishwasher, though. Check your pots and pans to see if they might be the cause of the rust left behind when they’re being washed. If pots and pans are the culprit, run an empty cycle with citric acid and that’ll clean it up.

Is Your Dishwasher Not Latching?

If the latch is not secured, your dishwasher won’t be able to run a wash cycle. The latch helps to prevent water from leaking out and creating a mess outside. A broken latch might be able to be fixed by a simple replacement, but it might also mean that your whole machine has been ruined from leakage.

Are Your Dishes Hot?

Hot water is pertinent in making sure that once the washing cycle has ended,  your dishes come out clean, sanitized and germ-free. If your dishes aren’t coming out hot, there may be a problem with the heater in your dishwasher, which can be incredibly pricey to fix.

Is Water Leaking Onto the Floor?

If your dishwasher is leaking, then it might be time to get it replaced. In some cases, water leaking can be a simple fix, but it might not be so simple and could call for the whole appliance to be replaced. Water leaking can lead to bigger problems if not taken care of early on.

If you start noticing these signs, then it might be time for an upgraded dishwasher. Atomic Plumbing specializes in dishwasher installation and can help if it’s time for you to have yours replaced. Contact us today for an estimate on dishwasher installation for your Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, or Norfolk home, and don't forget we're available 24/7 for emergency plumbing.


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