Did you see clear blue sky this morning? It's not an illusion. While spring isn't officially here yet it will soon happen, and this is the perfect time to get your Chesapeake, Norfolk, or Virginia Beach home ready. If you haven't contacted Atomic Plumbing to schedule a plumbing inspection or arrange a root removal, give us a call. Proactive plumbing can help prevent emergency calls later in the season.

This is also a good time, if you haven't taken care of it, to have a sump pump installed in your home or place of business. If you've lived in the Hampton Roads area long enough - and some would argue even a year or less qualifies - you're familiar with the weather. It rains in the spring, sometimes for days. If you live or operate a business at sea level you could be susceptible to a variety of problems, some of which a sump pump can help alleviate.

Flooding prevention: Does your home have a basement? Excessive rainwater can easily flood a basement or cellar, and if you're away and the water remains it could turn brackish and cause foundation problems. An active sump pump helps keep the risk of damage low.

Mold prevention: Mold grows where it's humid, and damp. Basement and lower-level areas affected by flooding and water leaks can develop mold and mildew if not properly treated. Having a sump pump at home is one way to keep your home dry.

Air quality: When your home is dry and free of mold, your family can enjoy a healthy environment. Use of a sump pump to remove excess water helps maintain good air quality.

If you have questions about sump pump installation, or other plumbing work to improve your home this spring, Atomic Plumbing's experienced mechanics have the answers. Contact us today and let us help bring the right improvements to your home.

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