For all your Hampton Roads plumbing and pipe repair needs, Atomic Plumbing is here to offer Norfolk, Virginia Beach, and Chesapeake a full menu of products and services. Contact us today at 757.464.2934 or e-mail us your questions about our plumbing repair and installation services. Think Atomic Plumbing when in need of the following:

Sewer Drain Cleaning Services: Depending on the scope of the cleaning, we’ll use electric sewer machines or high pressure water jet equipment clean house lines from 1 1/4 inches to storm drain lines up to two feet. Main sewers treated with RootX come with a one-year warranty, even if you have tree roots causing drain problems.

Water jet cleaning technology can remove grease, debris, and sediment without damaging your pipes. Using water pressures as high as 2500 PSI, your pipes can be cleaned to their original shape. Cleaning pipes this way is especially good for customers with a grease problem.

Internal Pipe Inspection : Want to know what the insides of your pipes look like? We use video cameras to pinpoint your blockage problems. These cameras can go into pipes as small as two inches. Inspecting the pipes helps us better assess your plumbing needs, so the job is done right the first time.

Water Heater Repair and Replacement: Atomic Plumbing will repair any size and type of water heater, and we offer one of the best warranties of all the Virginia Beach plumbers. Our warranties are 6- and 10-year complete, and cover the tank and elements, the thermostats, burner assembly, and everything else that comes with the heater. Our warranties are not prorated.

Sewer and Water Line Repair: We can install or replace sewer and water lines using the most durable materials in the industry.

Bathroom and Kitchen Fixture Installation: Bathtubs and showers, sinks and faucets, and toilets…Atomic Plumbing can install them for you with water-saving devices and a complete warranty. Repair services for any fixtures also available.

Leak Repairs : If you have leaks under your sidewalks, driveways and even inside your house under the concrete slab, we’ll bring bring all the necessary equipment to complete the job in a clean and timely manner.

Gas Piping and Gas Leaks Repair: As a member of the Quality Gas Contractor Association, we have fully licensed mechanics ready to make the necessary repairs to your gas pipes.

Certified Backflow Testing and Installations: Atomic Plumbing can work as needed to ensure that your commercial location is in compliance with state and local laws.

Underground Line Locating: If you need to find sewer lines and water lines on your property, we have the necessary equipment to help.

Jewelry Retrieval: We have expert tools that can help you locate and retrieve your lost items.

Faucet and Fixture Installation: Atomic Plumbing experts can repair leaky faucets or install new fixtures in your residential or commercial location.

Root Removal: The experts at Atomic Plumbing can locate any root systems that are encroaching on pipes before they do damage.

Water Heater Repair and Installation : Atomic Plumbers are experts at repairing and installing water heaters. We can help you identify the best model for your commercial or residential needs.
+ Learn About the Tankless Water Heater Rebate

Kitchen Drain Cleaning: If you’ve got slow running drains, you’ve got a problem.

Shower Drain Cleaning:You should never be standing in a puddle of water during or after your shower. If you are, time to call Atomic Plumbing.

Toilet Drain Cleaning: Let us knock out that clog before it overflows into your home.

Floor Drain Cleaning: Your floor drain requires special care. Atomic Plumbing experts can deal with any known issues, and help you identify potential problems.

Dishwasher Installation : Atomic plumbing experts can make sure that all the lines and hoses are properly installed and your new dishwasher is seated properly.

Garbage Disposal Installation and Repair: If your garbage disposal doesn’t seem to be doing the job you intended we can help you figure out whether it’s your disposal or a clogged drain.

Emergency Repair Services : If you need help quickly, call Atomic Plumbing.

Toilet Installation: Atomic Plumbing experts can make sure that your new toilet is properly installed and seated.

Let Atomic Plumbing handle your Virginia Beach plumbing needs! Contact us today at 757.464.2934 or e-mail us your questions about our plumbing repair and installation services.

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