Your newly installed gas or electric water heater from Atomic Plumbing comes with a complete 6- or 10- year warranty. This is not only on the tank, but covers all parts, components and labor needed to make any repairs, including replacement if necessary.

We proudly sell Bradford White and State’s professional line of gas and electric water heaters, each with performance features for your benefit.

1. Self Cleaning
2. Higher Efficiencies
3. Brass drain valves
4. Heavy-duty anode rods
5. Extended warranties (not on tank only)
6. 24-hour service for piece of mind



What to do in a Water Heater Emergency

1. Turn off the power source to the heater. Either gas or electric.
2. Turn off the cold water inlet valve (should be located on top of the tank.)
3. Open one hot water faucet only.
4. Attach hose to drain valve at the bottom of the heater and drain the water.
5. Call Atomic Plumbing for fast, friendly repair service.

We will gladly install a 5-year or 10-year warranty heater for you.


Do I need a new water heater? What is the life expectancy of my new water heater?

State Water Heater Proline Gas Water HeaterThe life expectancy of tank water heater is approximately 9 to 12 years for gas models; 10 to 13 years for electric models. This is an estimate only. The type of tank and the quality of water make a difference. The questions you need to ask before replacing an existing tank are:

1. What size was your old tank?
2. Did you run out of hot water during peak demands?
3. Have you added a bathroom, washing machine or other hot water dependent device to your home?
4. Has your family size increased?
5. Do you plan to increase your family size?



Recent changes have been made to the regulations regarding water heaters. Please click here to learn more.


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