For over 40 years, Atomic Plumbing has served the entire Hampton Roads with skilled plumbing and pipe repair, water heater installation and root removal services. Our plumbers are certified and the most skilled in the Tidewater area, and we will work to ensure you receive the best plumbing and drainage work at a fair price.

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Had service provided by Atomic Plumbing; the two technicians (Randy & Sean) were awesome. Timely, knowledgeable and helpful. Their attention to detail, professionalism is why I will be a repeat customer and recommend Atomic Plumbing to my family and friends.

CW Harvey


Please accept and convey my thanks to Mr. Eric Toupin, who completed a toilet tank repair the weekend of 18 Jan. He was professional, efficient and thorough. He had a pleasant demeanor and was thorough in his description of the service to be rendered. This is my second experience with Atomic Plumbing, both of which were tremendous. You have my personal recommendation and continued loyalty.

Patrick Vega


You guys are great. Had Jimmy (and a helper Justin) come out, they were great! Explained everything pleasant and got the job done for a very fair price. Everyone I talked to (Tiffany, Beverly, Jimmy, Justin) all were great. I would absolutely recommend this company with no reservations to anyone I know. Thanks.

Don, Betty & Nancy Bradley


I just wanted to send this and say thank you for being there for us in our time of need. It is a hard process but we are getting through it the best we can. The Card was Lovely! And the Food was Yummy! Thank you again and let me know if theres anything I can ever do for you guys! Have a Great Day! Please share this with Jim and the rest of the Crew!

The Steele Family


I was not comfortable with ReviewBuzz, so I will leave my review here. I am really pleased with the service I received from Atomic Plumbing, particularly as a first time customer. When I called Thurs., 5/22, the lady who answered the phone was friendly, professional and helpful. I received the promised 30 minute prior call, and, again, from a friendly and professional lady. The plumber, Randy C., was on time, was polite, was professional, gave me 2 options for repair and completed the repairs in a timely manner. He explained what needed to be done and why. I don’t have a local plumber because I have been very lucky throughout the years (26 to date) I have lived in Tidewater to not have a plumbing problem. I consider Atomic Plumbing my plumbing service now and would recommend Atomic to others.

Katie Gerwien


I needed a hot water replacement as soon as possible. A co-worker immediately recommended Atomic Plumbing and I am glad they did. Robert was on time, quickly assessed my needs and within a few hours had installed a new system that I am completely satisfied with. His total professionalism, expert application and knowledge assured me that for all future needs I need look no further than Atomic Plumbing. Thanks for everything.

Bradley Wood


I recently had my main water tap replaced and the remainder of the galvanized water line removed from my house. The technicians were quick, polite and efficient in their work. They took time to listen to my concerns and address them. The office staff was very helpful when I called about a concern after hours. The on call technician called me with in ten minutes and and understood the situation and told me it would be addressed to my satisfaction. After this experience, I will use Atomic exclusively for my plumbing needs.

Jon Davis


this email is regarding the solid, professional work that Eric Toupin and his partner did over the course of a day and a half at my house. The plumbing problems that we had required a lot of patience, and Mr. Toupin handled the situation admirably. He was professional and he made sure that the job was done correctly, no matter how long it took to do so, and we greatly appreciated that. It’s been about a month now, and everything is still working fine. I will definitely request him if we have another plumbing need.

John Adams

Outstanding work was done recently by Matt and Keifer. Those guys worked tirelessly for 2 days to get our plumbing back up and running and kept smiles on their faces the whole time. I’m sure your company has many customers but we were made to feel as if we were top priority. Cannot thank you enough. You made an awful situation much easier. Thank you.

The Jinar Family

From start to finish, Jimmy and Paul were great and talked me through everything. They helped me with my insurance claim and did a thorough job getting my plumbing back to normal. They didn’t try to talk me into unnecessary work and charged me fair and reasonable prices (800.00 dollars less then another company!).I was really impressed with the honesty and professionalism of Atomic and you have a client for life with my family.
Thanks Again For Everything,

James McLaughlin

I had an issue with my two bathroom sinks draining slowly. I went in myself to augur out the pipes, but because they were connected with a T-fitting, I actually moved the blockage to where they wouldn’t drain at all. Randy from Atomic Plumbing came out, assessed the situation quickly, and put in a new Y-type fitting. He did the job quickly and was exceptionally professional. Thanks for the great work!

Mike S

Wow! Just had someone out to fix a leaky shower. He expected that the cartridge needed to be replaced & he gave an estimate. I asked if that would cover everything and he explained that it would more if the valve was bad. Later, he sadly came out and explained that he had damaged the valve when he was cutting off a nut that was stuck. He had never done it before in eight years of working at Atomic. He had to cut out part of the wall and replace the valve. It took over half the day and then he brought me the bill – Zero! He said that because it was his mistake, the entire job would be no charge. I expected that he would take care of the things that he damaged but he did not charge me for fixing the leak either. The amazing thing is that he could very easily have told me that the valve was broken. How would I have known? He could have billed me for the full replacement at hundreds of dollars. But he took responsibility for an honest mistake, apologetically rectified it, and then removed the bill. Thank you! Integrity may be facing extinction in many places, but not at Atomic.

Tim Oswald

I would like to appreciate you all at Atomic Plumbing. I had a badly clogged kitchen drain. First off your customer service was wonderful. The lady I spoke with explained everything upfront and knew exactly what I needed. Within a few hours there was a technician, Jimmy out front ready to get the job started. Jimmy was very calm and helpful, which is definitely what a customer needs when something is broken or not working right. He explained the procedure and what was going on, and in a matter of minutes the problem was solved. I really appreciate your help a lot. Thank you!!!

Frank T.

Simply wish to provide heartfelt gratification for the services provided by Scott Mccants on march 8th. This gentleman was gracious, courteous, and professional in his approach with us, and went well beyond the call of his duty. I remain amazed…

Andrew Fischer


Hi Jim,
I Just wanted to provide you with a compliment for Randy, who came to our house to resolve a plumbing issue on Thurs 2/16/12. I had some idea where the problem was but Randy found it within 5 min of being in my home. He worked a price and then diligently and pleasantly completed his project within a reasonable amount of time. The completed project was done to my satisfaction. Randy even made suggestion on how to prevent future problems. Thank you for having a company and employees that provides such reliable, and competent service.

J Kitchen

Jim Miller did a great job.
Patrick Casey

Mr. Steinle of Atomic Plumbing made time late in the day to evaluate and provide an estimate. We had to shut water off to the house 2 days earlier. The Atomic Plumbing quote was significantly lower than I had received from a home improvement store’s subcontractor, and for a better capacity product. I called back very late in the day to accept Atomic Plumbing’s bid. Their plumber, Eric, and his assistant were here first thing the next morning. They were very hard working the entire day! I’m very impressed with Atomic Plumbing’s service, workmanship, and professionalism! I HIGHLY recommend Atomic Plumbing!
Chris Brogan

I’m extremely pleased with the professionalism of Atomic Plumbing from the initial phone call to completion of my water heater installation. My technician, Eric Toupin, was prompt, very knowledgeable about the product and its installation, and maintained the cleanliness of my home. Eric answered all my questions about the water heater and explained the operation of various components to include the Floodstop mechanism. He clearly enjoys his work. This was reflected in his excellent customer service. Eric and Atomic Plumbing are a real find I will not hesitate to refer to friends with plumbing needs.

Denise Kline

I would like to say you have the best technicians for unstopping clogged drains. I have been in my home for 24 yrs. For those 24 yrs. I’ve had problems with my laundry room clogging and have to call a plumber every 3-4 months. Last year one of your tech came to my home on 10/2/10 to unclog my laundry room drain which causes my kitchen sink to clog. The drain was really bad. Since that date my laundry room have not clogged. This is the 1st time in 24 years; you hear what I’m saying. I have not called a plumber since your tech unclogged my drain. I am amazed… 1st time in 24yrs. Not once…have anyone come to my house to unclogged the same “drain”. I wish I would read his handwriting to tell you who it was but I can’t. You have the BEST, THE BEST SERVICE FOR UNCLOGGING SINKS, DRAINS. I will recommend you to anyone I know.

Janie Gray


Dear Mr Steinle:

I was quite shocked to open my mail and find a check from your company for the invoice price for the replacement of my wags valve, which I am sure included labor costs. When I called and talked to your manager about it she said that you wanted to give it to me in a show of good will and felt the need as it was the water heater and wags valve that your company had replaced. I was still confused and told her that I did not understand as I was pretty sure you were not in your backyard making wags valves in your spare time. I also expressed to her that I did not believe that you were personally responsible because a part that you believed to be good at the time of it’s installation was bad did not negotiate the services and part that you provided for me. I understand how strongly you stand behind your service, and how much you wish for your customers to be satisfied, but you do not need to convince either my husband or myself. We are sold on your honorable, dependable service. When anyone asks me to recommend a plumber, I tell them the exact thing the was told to me by my insurance agent: “they are a little more expensive, BUT YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR,” and i still believe that wholeheartedly. I have never once been dissatisfied with any of your services. My husband and I talked about the wags valve and figured that is why you no longer carry them or that they do not make them anymore, but for the last six years it gave us peace of mind and when it did break, it did not flood, only stopped hot water. We both agreed that the new flood stop was a bargain for the peace of mind it would bring us.

I guess what I am trying to say in my long meandering way is that we have loved your companies service from day one. I have even called and asked who you would use for other types of contractors should you need them and been very happy with your suggestions. That is how much I value both your services and your good opinion. I would find it a crime that you would need to pay me to be satisfied with a service that I already highly recommend and cherish for the security that I know when I call your service people will fix it for me. Therefore, please find enclosed your check dated July 12, 2011 in the amount of $218.72. I hope you realize that you should not be held accountable for accidents, that is Murphy’s business, having the faith in a product that did last for six years after all, or that you need to pay this loyal customer for her satisfaction. It did however, go to show me that my respect and high regard for you was more than well deserved, but do not punish yourself for the accidents of life.

With my deepest respect for you and your business dealings,

Kelly Haggerty, Virginia Beach, VA

We received nothing but solid advice from Atomic Plumbing & Drain Cleaning. We recommend this plumbing company to everyone. – from a testimonial on Read the entire review of Atomic Plumbing .


Hi. I just wanted to give some feedback about your master plumbers very good and professional help. He installed a new water heater in my home on Monday 2/14/11, and I wanted to thank you for having such an efficient employee on your staff.

Robert Halpern / Virginia Beach, VA

I was very pleased with the work done by Eric Toupin when he repaired my water leak. He was extremely courteous and took time to explain what he was doing and why.

Sharon Rockenbaugh / Virginia Beach, VA

You are very fortunate and should be very proud that you have a representative, the caliber of Paul Keane. He visited me yesterday and presented a most professional appearance and attitude, as well as a personal rapport that I have not seen in a long while. I have always admired Atomic Plumbing’s personnel and their performance. Paul advances that reputation.

Louis Colbus / Virginia Beach, VA

I am convinced once again that your company has technicians worthy of high praise. I was having a very bad day on 2/22/10. Everything that could have gone wrong for me that day did indeed go wrong. Your technicians – Scott McCants and Jay Steele – arrived in response to my call and assured me that they could fix my plumbing problem. They were extremely courteous and respectful, and my bad day immediately became a good day. These young men have a wonderful attitude and were a pleasure to have in my home. You can be very proud of them. They represent your company with the highest standard of excellence. They turned what was a dismal day into a sunny day for me. I greatly appreciate it.

Eleanor Wheeler / Virginia Beach, VA

Paul Keane came to my home this past weekend, during very hot/humid conditions and repaired a broken drain that was damaged from an outside contractor. This was an ongoing problem with my home, and he immediately had answers and worked diligently to repair the problem after arriving promptly Saturday evening and working most of the day on Sunday. I must add that this problem was not detected by previous local plumbing companies. Paul is a bright, energetic, positive professional and I couldn’t be more pleased with his disposition and skill level. He completely made me a fan of Atomic Plumbing and I will not hesitate to call with future plumbing issues and request his work. I could not be more appreciative! Thanks so much.

Jeanne Short / Virginia Beach, VA

It is such a pleasure to do business with your plumbing company. We called about a problem in the morning and two techs arrived that afternoon. Scott and Matt were very professional and polite. Scott explained the problem to me and how they were going to fix it. They did exactly what they said. We have used your company many times in the past and will continue to do so.

Robert and Susan Anderson

I just want to tell you how pleased I am with the recent work your company did for us. You bought and delivered the new fixture for our kitchen as soon as we requested it and the work done to connect our sink was done in a professional, neat, efficient manner. I wish I could tell you the name of the technician, but I have forgotten and his signature on the work order is beyond me. Ha Ha.

The work was done on January 20th if that will help you to identify him.

He also was able to correct a malfunction in one of our bathrooms while he was here. I think it is important to note that he was alone and did not have a helper because the weather that day was somewhat inclement and some people were unable to come to work. This in itself says a lot about this person. You are very fortunate to have such dedicated men working for you and it must be a pleasure for you. Please give our “thanks” again to him.

Lloyd and Jean Evans

Dear Jim, Just wanted to provide you with a compliment for Scott, who came to our house to resolve an emergency plumbing problem Sunday evening. He worked diligently, pleasantly and would not complete his project until he was completely satisfied. This despite the fact that it got dark and was getting colder.

Even after that, he was able to look at another problem in our house and there will be some additional work, which we will be delighted to have you do.

Thanks again for having a company that provides such reliable, readily available and competent service.

Sincerely, Steven J. Harwood

Dear Jim, The Virginia Beach City Public Schools’ Office of Technical and Career Education would like to thank Atomic Plumbing for the generous contribution for the Annual Technical and Career Education End-of-the-Year meeting and social. It was nice to honor our award winners at such a nice reception, only made possible by you.

Our office would not be able to conduct special projects if it were not for the support of local businesses like yours. The Virginia Beach Public schools are very fortunate to have such a generous community. Again, thank you for all of your support of Technical and Career Education and best wishes for a prosperous summer season.

Sincerely, Denise Lawson

Dear Mr. Steinle, Mr. Rob Shortt of Stockley’s service recommended you and your company for a chronic problem of recurrent sewer backups, the most recent of which occurred Sunday morning. We called your company at 11am on Monday morning. Your receptionist was courteous and prompt – we had a service technician on site at 3:30 pm. By 3:30 the next day, our three main sewer problems were being back filled. I’m sure it is a permanent fix this time.

Your technician, Paul Keane, deserves special mention. What a bright, enthusiastic, positive young man he is! His attitude from the start was always: “Can do” and “will fix it right” — and he did. He and his co-workers worked very hard digging in packed clay to explore and repair our main line. Paul was very neat, considerate of our nearby trees, and cleaned up afterwards.

Mr. Steinle, I like the way you run your business, equip your clean trucks, and train your staff and technicians. But I hope you can realize what a prize you have with Paul Keane! Take good care of him, and he will bring you more regular customers – like my wife and me. Thanks to him, we will be future regular Atomic customers.

Sincerely, Jack Scatarige

Dear Mr. Steinle: On two occasions one of your plumbers — Paul Keane — has been to my home to make plumbing repairs. I would like to commend him for two jobs well done.

Your company must indeed be proud to have such a polite, efficient and professional young man working for you. Paul came in, went directly to the problem both times and not only resolved the problem, but was so tidy.

I am a Norfolk native, with two uncles who were plumbers. I cannot tell you how many times I have had other plumbing companies come to our home over the last 27 years to correct these same problems. It would clear up for a while and would be right back. You can understand why my husband and I are so pleased to finally have found a company like yours.

Please convey to Paul how very pleased my husband and I are with both his work and your company.

Sincerely, Barbara Kingry
Virginia Beach, VA

Atomic Plumbing, Thank you for your professional performance in our industry. Quality is attainable.

I recommended you to my mother-in-law and your people did a great job.

Thanks again, Chuck Sandford
Norfolk, VA

Atomic Plumbing, Give our thanks to Mike for a very professional job.

Carol Davis
Virginia Beach, VA

Atomic Plumbing, Again you have sent professional, concerned plumbers to our house. Paul Keane was interested enough to go under the house to give a tentative estimate of the cost to replace the old pipes under the house. He found a serious leak and with the help of Lee, repaired the problem.

Given the condition of the existing pipes, we will be calling soon to have the rest of the old pipes replaced. Thank you so much for the excellent work your plumbers have done.

Sincerely, Gloria Radford

Mr. Steinle, By means of this note I would like to compliment you and Atomic Plumbing for the hard-working and courteous young men in your employment. They were a delight to meet and their work was outstanding.

Please extend our thanks to Randy, Lee, Paul and their helpers. We are very satisfied with the work from your company.

Sincerely, Margaret Redmon

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