453064667Showers should drain completely and quickly. If you find yourself standing in a pool of water during or after your shower, the culprit is likely a shower drain clog.

A slowly draining shower could become a hard-to-deal-with back up later, so it’s important to deal with the drain clog while you can. Atomic Plumbing experts will come to your home and clean out the clog without doing damage to your plumbing system.

Tips to avoid frequent drains:

  • Once a month, pour a gallon of boiling water down your shower drain to keep the pipes clear
  • Purchase a small grate device which sits over the drain and catches loose hair and any sizable debris
  • Pull out the stopper every so often and manually clean out any hair or muck
  • Turn your drain into a science experiment with this easy DIY remedy
    • Flush with hot water
    • Sprinkle in a half cup of baking soda and let sit for five minutes
    • Chase with one cup of vinegar and enjoy the show
    • Flush once more with boiling hot water

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