Even the most efficient appliances can let you down sometimes. Atomic Plumbing experts are accustomed to dealing with just about any bathroom disaster – from a toilet that won’t flush to a toilet whose contents have escaped onto the floor.

We’ll come to your home and with the greatest sensitivity and attention to sanitary conditions, put the situation right.

Call Atomic Plumbing at 757.464.2934 or use our online contact form to schedule a toilet drain cleaning in Virginia Beach. Norfolk, Chesapeake, and the other cities of Hampton Roads.

With regular cleaning and maintenance you can avoid most draining issues. A few tips to keep your water flowing smoothly all year round:

  • Every other week, pour boiling water into the toilet bowl and flush
  • Use an Enzymatic cleaner once a month
  • Use a drain snake twice a year to ensure that pipes are clear of blockages
  • Try this nifty vinegar and baking soda trick:
    • Flush hot water
    • Sprinkle in a half cup of baking soda and wait five minutes
    • Pour in one cup of vinegar and enjoy the frothy show
    • Flush boiling hot water

+ Need a new toilet? We provide a professional toilet installation in Virginia Beach, Norfolk and surrounding areas. Call Atomic Plumbing today!

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