Backflow Meters Norfolk PlumbingCommercial properties are required to have backflow meters that are tested and certified every year. A quality inspection insures that clean, drinkable water continues to be available to the community we serve.

Backflow meters do exactly what the name implies, they keep sewage and waste water from flowing backwards and contaminating potable water with non-potable water.

Such contamination usually occurs at cross connections in the plumbing system. For example, a cross connection might include steam pipes, boilers and irrigation systems crossing pipes that carry clean, drinkable water. The backflow of sewage, gray water or other contaminated substances into fresh water supply pipes can cause a serious health risk.

The experts at Atomic Plumbing in Virginia Beach can conduct regular backflow meter inspections to make sure that this kind of disaster never happens to you. We will test and service your backflow meter to ensure that you’re in compliance with state and local regulations.

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