Though you can’t see the build-up that occurs over time in your pipes and sewer lines, you’ll know easily when it’s time to call a plumbing mechanic for a thorough cleaning. With Spring here, it’s important to have a clear passage for your water so you can do laundry and bathe without flow issues. If you haven’t yet contacted a Norfolk or Virginia Beach plumber to check your drains and pipes, this is a great time to call...even if everything appears okay.

Signs indicating a need to clean the drains in your home and office appliances appear obvious. It’s best to remain vigilant and watch how your water flows. An occasional anomaly may mean nothing, but the more blatant signs can lead to serious plumbing issues if ignored. Here are just a few things to notice.

Water Backup: Next time you wash a load of dishes or take a shower, keep time in your head as you watch the pooled water disappear into the drains. Is it moving slower than usual? Does it backup even after you dislodge an obstacle on the surface of your sink or shower floor?

Unpleasant Odors: Sometimes your nose will pick up on plumbing gone awry before you can see it. Your water may flow well, but if a pervading, foul odor lingers in your kitchen or bathroom it could be a warning to future clogs. Something might be stuck in your plumbing and need to come out.

Odd Noises: When your plumbing functions at optimal levels, you won’t hear gurgling or knocking or other strange sounds from the drains. Pay attention when you wash up and listen for noises that may indicate an imminent backup.

Of course, if all three of these signs occur at the same time, you may be tempted to try a store-bought cleaner, though you should consider a consult with a Norfolk plumbing professional first in the event the clog in question requires more work to remove. If you have concerns about the drainage in your home or office, contact Atomic Plumbing. We are ready to help and are available 24/7 for emergencies.


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