There’s never a good time for an emergency, especially a clogged toilet. If your toilet gets clogged, there are several methods to solve the problem that you can use before calling a plumber.

Before you begin, remember to avoid unnecessary flushing to prevent the overflowing of the toilet.

Use a plunger.

Plungers are very handy in situations like this. Have it next to your toilet to assist you if your toilet clogs. It is better to use a heavy-duty rubber plunger that has a foldout rubber flange on the bottom, which forms a seal. Secure the plunger on top of the hole and start pressing it down slowly. Add water to the bowl if the plunger isn’t covered, its rubber part should be submerged completely. Keep pressing it down until you unclog the drain.

Use a plumbing snake.

A snake or auger is not your everyday tool, and there’s a big chance that you don’t have it laying around the house. However, it can be very efficient in unclogging your toilet. (Call a professional plumber if you experience any difficulties using it.) Insert the snake into the drain and push it down until you can feel the obstruction. Twist and push the snake through the obstruction until the water begins to drain.

Baking soda and vinegar.

The chemical process from combining soda and vinegar is a slower method, but it has been used for years to dissolve the clogs. Pour a box of baking soda into the bowl. Pour the vinegar slowly into the bowl. Leave it overnight if necessary. Then flush it down with hot tap water.

Call your plumber.

You can save time and often money by calling a professional plumber to unclog the toilet for you.

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