atomic-plumbing-spring-plumbing-tipsSummer is coming.

In a few weeks the kids will be out of school and everybody’s schedule will change for the next three months. For many families in Hampton Roads, it means more people will likely stay at home during the day, and that means more laundry, more cooking, and a longer line for the bathroom!

It’s important to make sure your kitchens and bathrooms work at optimal levels during the summer. You may not spend the majority of your time in the house, but think of how your family spends the season. Trips to the beach, cookouts in the backyard, and days out in the hot sun mean you’re washing more clothes and showering frequently to stay fresh and cool. Every faucet you turn on should result in the right temperature of water.

When getting your home ready for the summer, it’s important to pay attention to your plumbing. Look out for anomalies. Does your toilet tank take longer to fill after each flush? Do you experience problems getting the water in your tub or shower to heat? Do you still have food in your garbage disposal after its run? Whatever the trouble, a quick phone call to a Virginia Beach plumber can get your pipes and appliances working correctly.

Even if a slow filling toilet or a groaning pipe seems like a minor inconvenience, a problem can grow if you let it alone too long. A major leak, discovered too late, can lead not only to a larger plumbing bill but structural damage to your house.

Atomic Plumbing specializes in installation of new fixtures, pipe repair and replacement, and environmentally friendly plumbing. We’re ready to help you keep your bathrooms, kitchen, and laundry room running efficiently this summer.

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