How can you tell the season is changing? Maybe the weather is slightly cooler today than yesterday, or perhaps as you went for a walk you noticed the leaves on the tree are starting to redden. Most likely, though, you know because your kids aren't looking so happy in recent days. That's right, the first day of school is right around the corner, and that means earlier wake times, making sure all the homework is done, and of course that morning race to be the first to the bathroom.

While we at Atomic Plumbing, the top Virginia Beach plumbing company, can't predict when during the year your family uses the most water, we do know that those first weeks of the new school year signal a return to routine, and if you have teenagers now that means spending a lot of time in the bathroom primping and using the shower. It's wise, therefore, to watch your pipes and toilets carefully in September to make sure nothing goes wrong. It doesn't take much for a child in a hurry to use too much toilet paper, or for hair to clog the shower drains. Cleanliness is important, and that goes for your bathroom, too.

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