We know you have choices when it comes to hiring a Virginia Beach plumber to repair your pipes or install new fixtures in your kitchen or bathroom. A quick Internet search will yield you pages of plumbing companies, all of which guarantee top-notch service and timely turnaround time on the job. Reviews may vary according to each business, so how do you know which one to call first?

Your pipes and water are important to your home. With warmer weather on the way, you need reliable plumbing to help with larger laundry loads once school lets out, and should Hampton Roads face a rough tropical storm season it’s crucial that your plumbing holds up in the event of an emergency. It isn’t difficult to find a reputable plumber, however. Listen to your instincts and take a few steps to get the right match.

Get trusted recommendations. Eventually, a homeowner needs to call the plumber. Think of friends and family in Hampton Roads and ask who they’ve called in the past. Find out if the service performed well, if the mechanics were courteous and if the cost was reasonable compared to the work done. Money is often the deciding factor when choosing any home improvement service, so you will want to take note of who charges how much.

Do your research. Reviews on sites like Google, Facebook, Yelp and others provide different points of view of companies you consider, and some may detail the scope of work done or a particular plumber who went above and beyond the call. If you’re unable to find recommendations from people you know, research what others have to say about area plumbers.

For the record, Atomic Plumbing holds a high rating in Google reviews...

Ask questions. When you’ve narrowed down your choices for a Virginia Beach or Norfolk plumber, go straight to the source and get the information you want. Browse websites, list the questions you want to ask: can they come at a certain time to work, what are the payment options, and what is the extent of the work involved? People want transparency when they look for services, and it’s important you know everything before making your decision.

At Atomic Plumbing, we give 100% to our customers when they need water heater installation, pipe repair, drain cleaning, or other plumbing services. We hope to be on your list of potential Hampton Roads plumbers, and the deciding call when you need help for your home or business. Contact us today for information on your plumbing needs.


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