We’re certain to feel the chill this winter, and when that happens we make good use of our home heating systems and hot water. Too cold to go out to eat? It’s nice to cook at home, but dishes pile up and we use the sinks and dishwashers more than usual. Also, there’s nothing like a warm shower to take away the frosty feeling after walking in the wind and snow flurries.

You rely on your heater to deliver hot water when you want it, no matter the time of year. Let’s say one day you get ready for a shower and the water doesn’t warm up as quickly as it normally does, is something wrong? Can cold weather affect how your heater works? That may be your first thought as you stand shivering in your bathroom on a chilly December morning, but let’s consider some other points.

  • How old is your heater? The average household water heater works well for about a decade before it shows signs of wear.
  • How is your water quality? If you have a traditional tank model, you might discover sediment, which can hamper the heating process.
  • How often are you using the heater? You use water to stay warm, and may wash more clothes in the winter by virtue of wearing more layers during the day. The more your heater works, especially if it’s older, can take its toll.

If you suspect any problems during the colder months with your water heater, it may be time to replace your model. A tankless water heater provides timely warmth year round, when you want it, and can improve your energy bills regardless of how often you use it. Before you comparison shop, though, contact Atomic Plumbing at 757.464.2934 for one of our experienced mechanics to give your heater a thorough inspection. We can help you decide the best course of action to take with your home’s hot water production. Let us help you keep warm this winter.

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