Virginia Beach RootXRootX is the original, non-Metham Sodium foaming root control in an easy-to-apply powdered formulation. It foams on contact with water to kill roots, inhibit regrowth, and restore pipe flow capacity.

Why does Atomic Plumbing use RootX?

It’s simple and fast. The patented RootX formulation foams on contact with water, filling the entire pipe to reach the top where 90% of pipeline root intrusion occurs. From start to finish, a RootX application takes less than 30 minutes whether you are working with main or lateral lines.

It’s effective and EPA accepted. The active ingredient in RootX is the aquatic herbicide Dichlobenil that has been used for years to control aquatic weeds with minimal environmental impact.

RootX contains surfactants – degreasing agents that strip away the grime on roots – allowing Dichlobenil to penetrate the root ends.

Classified as a General Use Product by the EPA, RootX can be utilized in both sanitary and storm lines without adversely affecting the environment or the people who apply it.

It’s a proven solution. The RootX formulation contains five times the herbicide needed to kill roots and inhibit their regrowth. RootX promotes bacterial growth that assists in the decomposition of dead roots. For over a decade thousands of municipalities and Professional Drain Cleaners depend on RootX for their maintenance solution.

Virginia Beach Drain CleaningStep 1 – Mechanical cutting of roots clears roots from pipes,
leaving some behind.

Virginia Beach Commcercial Plumbing

Step 2 – Add RootX. Foam kills remaining roots and
inhibits future regrowth.

Twelve Weeks Later
Norfolk Commcercial Drain Cleaning RootXWith RootX, debris is decaying and roots are stunted Norfolk Commcercial Plumbing RootXWithout RootX, roots begin vigorous regrowth into the
newly cleared space.
Nine months later
Norfolk Commcercial PlumbingWith RootX Norfolk Commcercial PlumbingWithout RootX
RootX restores pipe flow capacity!


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