Bio Clean Virginia BeachChemical drain cleaners: do they work? Not very well. Will they unstop my drain? If you believe what you see on TV they will, but in my opinion they do more damage than good. We get asked all the time; is there a chemical that will help keep my drains clean? The answer is yes, but it is not a chemical. It is called Bio Clean, a friendly bacteria. It is grown in incubators, dried and then mixed with enzymes and other helpers. When you mix Bio Clean with water, they become hungry in about 30 minutes. Each bacterium eats its weight in waste in about one minute. Numbers can double every 30 minutes.

They feed, multiply and eat through waste matter until it is eaten up. Bio Clean changes the waste into water, carbon and other elements which run harmlessly out of your waste system. These elements are then available for plant life.

Bio Clean Virginia BeachBio Clean works in all these areas: Kitchen sinks, lavatories, bath tubs, showers, floor drains, laundry drains, garbage disposals, septic tanks and fields, RV and boat holding tanks, and you can add us to cat litter. Authorized by the USDA for use in federally-inspected meat and poultry plants.


Hot dangerous drain openers become more diluted and weaker the farther down a pipe they go. They cannot defy gravity, but we can. Bio Clean eats its way up, down and across any pipe or system. After it cleans your system, add Bio Clean periodically and it’ll remain clean. Bio Clean is effective, safe and non-polluting. Its family of friendly bacteria can, and do, digest vegetation and animal waste. However, friendly bacteria cannot repair broken pipes, mechanical defects or digest INORGANIC MATERIALS such as plaster, glass, plastic which somehow seems to get down peoples’ drains.

Most people neglect their waste system. When they need it most, it fails (Sundays, holidays, when entertaining guests, etc.). You may not know it but you need Bio Clean right now. Start using Bio Clean now; it can, and will, keep your pipes and septic systems clean.


Chemicals, bleaches, detergents, food preservatives and bowl cleaners inhibit or kill bacterial action. This lets solids accumulate in the tank, some of which flow out and clog the drain field. Bio Clean restores the necessary bacterial action and makes your system work at full efficiency.

GermSEPTIC OWNERS: Nothing is more effective for biodegrading waste in septic systems than Bio Clean. But no product can fix mechanical problems. We recommend Bio Clean as part of your program of preventative maintenance which includes regular inspection of the tank, baffles, solids level and the proper use of water and drainage systems.


Bio-Clean should be allowed sufficient time to perform when used as per instructions is warranted to give customer satisfaction. All warranties are limited to the refund of the purchase price, by the dealer from whom it is purchased, upon presentation of the can with the unused portion of the product and proof of purchase.


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