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For 50 years we have been serving the Hampton Roads area, and while many things have changed in that span, our Mission Statement has not. Every day we set out to be the Best Plumbing Company, period. That may sound a bit farfetched, but we do it for you, our customers. We have never taken for granted the choice you’ve made to call us with your plumbing needs, and we never will. We now have 13 trucks running as opposed to the small handful we began with in 1968. We’ve also grown into the office and warehouse that we now operate out of on London Bridge Road, but we will always keep our humble beginnings of working out of Mr. Lane’s house in our thoughts.


The plan we carry for the next 50 years is as similar as the first 50; to work hard until your plumbing needs are met. Our success has, and will always depend on the happiness of our customers and we are forever grateful for the opportunity.

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